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Fast Facts:

  • 18 years young
  • High school graduate ❤
  • I play the saxophone
  • I love animals
  • I want to become a wildlife biologist
  • I can do a handstand! (against a wall)
  • I have two cats named Emma and Lucy =^..^=
  • I’ll be attending Tulane University in the fall!
  • This is my favorite song ever 

❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊


When I was growing up, I never really watched many cartoons. After I grew too old for shows like Barney, the only shows that I ever wanted to watch were Animal Planet and National Geographic documentaries on TV. At school, I wouldn’t play house or princesses on the playground, I would play lions and antelopes. The only present that I wanted for my birthday for three years in a row was a pet cat. Ever since I can remember, my dream has been to become the next Steve Irwin or Jeff Corwin; researching, adventuring, and caring for animals in the wild. At first it just seemed like an adventure, but it has now become something I am very passionate about. This childhood dream has grown into something much bigger and much more tangible, something that I actually want to pursue for the rest of my life.

❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊


I just recently finished taking an AP Biology class that I hope will help lead me to my future goals. In October, I received the once in a lifetime chance to meet Jane Goodall. I love being outdoors in nature, like going camping or to the beach or tidepools. I have two pet cats that are the most adorable things in the world, I love them to death! They like to wake me up in the middle of the night and sit on my head though, but I’ll forgive them. I am also currently looking forward to my future trip to South Africa, coming up in June of 2014, to volunteer and help work at Bambelela Wildlife Sanctuary with Enkosini! All of what I am doing right now is working towards what I want to do in the future, and I think I have a lot of  exciting adventures in store for me.

❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊ ~ ❊


I have so many plans for the future. First comes college next fall (but I’m trying not to get too excited about that just yet). I am so fortunate to get the chance to volunteer at Bambelela Wildlife Sanctuary this Junel, and I am so excited for this amazing opportunity. It has always been a dream of mine to volunteer in Africa at a place like this and I am so grateful to be getting the chance to go! If you would like to donate to my fundraising cause for the trip, please click here! In college, I will be majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I hope to become a wildlife biologist or conservationist and go on to do conservation work and research in cool and interesting places around the world. I am so lucky to have so much to look forward to!

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10 thoughts on “Home ~ About Me

  1. I LOVE this page! Really great design, easy to follow, great pictures, and made me laugh. You’ve done a great job with how you organize your blog posts, too. How you integrate your pictures with your text and word choices give the read something to look at while we are thinking. I like how you started your Malala post with a question. I enjoyed looking through it 🙂

  2. Schmidt!
    Obsessed with your blog!
    The colors are fresh and make me very comfortable, as well as the fonts.
    The introduction is very well-organized and easy for me to understand you as a person.
    Anyways, I am in love with your blog.

    -Emily Wang

  3. The past, present, and future tabs make your opening page very intriguing and personable! I hope all your wishes and dreams come true, I know you can do it!

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