F.L.O.W. Reflection

In my AP Biology class, we watched a documentary video about water called For the Love of Water, or FLOW. The documentary talked about the issues of water commercialization, overconsumption of water, lack of clean water in much of the world, and the impending water shortage in the United States. The film also criticized many large corporations associated with water commercialism, including Nestle Pure Life. It was clear from the video, from Nestle’s response video, and from the Stop Nestle Waters website that the Nestle and the makers of FLOW hold very different opinions on the mater of water pumping and bottled water from Michigan. However, this issue differed from many other issues in that the “facts” that each side of the argument makes are in complete contrast to each other. This suggests that one of the two organizations is not revealing the truth, or is skewing their words. I found that while watching FLOW, I was very inclined to agree with the arguments presented in the film. However, upon watching Nestle’s response, I began to think that the FLOW video may have been exaggerating their side of the story. Ultimately, I believe that it comes down to figuring out which of the “facts” on either side of the issue are actually true, and which are made up. If I knew the answer to this, I would be well-informed enough to make a confident decision about where I stand on the issue. For now, however, I will have to say that I am leaning slightly more towards the FLOW standpoint, because I do believe that it is unnecessary to pump free water out of Michigan and the sell it back to Michigan residents for profit. ☂

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3 thoughts on “F.L.O.W. Reflection

  1. Madison I would love to know if you ever find out which side is being more truthful. I live in a city in SC that wins awards for its water; something I know because they make a point to advertise this “accomplishment.” It got me thinking about the cities that didn’t “win.” Should I drink their water or grab a bottle of water from Nestle?

  2. I love the formatting of your website. It is very neat and easy to navigate. I agree with you that it is wrong that Nestle pumps water that is a public good and sells it for a profit. The water should not be sold for a profit, because it belongs to the people of Michigan, not just Nestle.

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