Bambelela Wildlife Sanctuary Fundraising

lionsMy biggest dream in my entire life is to have a job one day doing conservation work with animals in the wild, especially in Africa. Over time I realized that I want to be a wildlife biologist – that’s how I want to spend my entire life. I received the amazing opportunity to meet Jane Goodall this October, and it changed my whole outlook on my future, and I am more determined to follow my dream than ever.

A few months ago, my mom told me the opportunity of a lifetime for me: a three week volunteering trip to Bela Bela, South Africa (a huge thank you to her!) I talked about it with my parents for many weeks, and I am now officially signed up to go! I will be working to rehabilitate orphaned and injured animals at Bambelela Wildlife Sanctuary. This will be my first step towards the career in my dreams, and I have never been more excited about anything before in my life!

vervet monkeysUnfortunately, I do not have sufficient funds to pay for the entirety of this volunteering trip. I created a GoFundMe account in hopes that I could maybe receive some support in gathering money to go on this absolutely amazing trip. It would mean the world to me if you could take the time to donate, any amount is so greatly appreciated, Even if all you can muster up is $5 (which is the minimum donation amount), I would be so grateful! If you cannot afford to donate, then I appreciate your moral support just as much! (:

To donate, please click the GoFundMe link in my sidebar, or visit:

I appreciate any and all help you are able to give. Thank you all so much in advance for helping make my dream come true! Have a lovely day. ♡

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