Website Reviews

1. Adult Review – Brian Schmidt

I’m not much of a bio nerd, but I found this blog site curiously appealing. I was just skimming along, but I ended up diving into several of the various articles, intrigued by the content and description. Feels more like a budding science writer than a high school project. The only odd thing was the juxtaposition of ads from Bizarre Town, ranging from beer to candy to LeBron James.

2. Peer Review – Rees Parker

Dear Madison R. Schmidt,

My name is Rees Shephard Parker and after an extensive sojourn of your WordPress AP Biology blog, I have come to the conclusion that the work you have at is both phenomenal and well informing. I must commend you on your excellent and inspirational work!

  1. Your quick and ample citations and sources provide credibility and a professional atmosphere to every one of your posts.
  2. Your titles are to the point and informing so that the reader can understand what each post will be about and better seek out the information he or she wants.
  3. Your overall layout and design create a professional and inviting atmosphere that allows the reader to trust your blog and and the information within.

All in all, your site has an excellent atmosphere and excellent information. I hope you have found this review to your liking.

Rees Shephard Parker
(Excellent) Amateur Blog Critic

3. Peer Review – Kasara Schmidt

I really like how the blog has a nice design and color scheme to it. The opening page is very fun and engaging. I looked at some of your posts and they seem very well thought out and informational. I like the use of photos in the blog posts as well, and it makes the words more appealing for the reader. My favorite post was the one about your cats, Lucy and Emma, because they’re really cute even though they’re adult cats now. Great work!

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