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Meiosis Animation


In meiosis, DNA in the nucleus forms chromosomes made of sister chromatids, and each chromosome joins with another to form a tetrad. Spindle fibers from the centrosomes on either pole of the cell align the tetrads down the center of the cell, and pull the two chromosomes apart. As this happens, some of the DNA from each chromosome “crosses over” to the other chromosome, so that each chromosome has some of the DNA of the other that it was paired with. After the tetrads are pulled apart,then condensed again and then cytokinesis occurs, the two diploid daughter cells begin to spilt again. The chromosomes again align down the center of the cell and are pulled apart by the spindle fibers. The cells then pull farther apart and after cytokinesis, four haploid cells have formed.


To create this video, I used Microsoft PowerPoint, and created individual shapes for each cell component in the animation. I then took a screen cast using and added music to the animation. I enjoyed using computer graphics  to create this animation because I felt that it allowed for very smooth motion, and more accurate  and clear representation of chromosome movement.

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